Team Beachbody

If you’re looking for more accountability in your personal fitness journey or would like workouts you can do at home, please visit my Beachbody site.

I would be happy to connect with you there and provide some more specific and individualized support for your fitness journey.

As a new mom, I’ve found at-home workouts to be an invaluable resource for staying in shape. Here are some of the programs I love most:

1. P90X

This isn’t for the pregnant or brand-new mom, but this is one of the best programs if you’re looking to get into truly excellent shape before or after pregnancy and willing to invest the time.

2. Brazil Butt Lift

This is probably my all-time favorite workout program. It was a major factor in my ability to lose the baby weight in six months. Many people asked me, “Are you skinnier now than you were before you got pregnant?” I have to give all the credit to BBL. Funny name, but truly awesome workout.

3. Yoga Booty Ballet

I know, more funny booty names…but these workouts are very fun and light – they leave you feeling re-energized. I used the Ab & Butt workout program post-partum to ease my way back in and have used it throughout my second pregnancy. The workouts are approx. 30 minutes with cardio, toning, and yoga. I also like the Yoga Booty Ballet Baby on the Way dvd during my third trimester. I found it to be perfect for that later stage of pregnancy.

4. 10-Minute Trainer

10-minute workouts? What else do I need to say to busy moms? I didn’t have this workout after my first son was born, but I’m very much looking forward to using it after my second. I found it challenging to do even a 30-minute dvd in the beginning when his naps were so short. And these workouts pack a punch, you’ll feel it!

There are many other workouts available, along with nutritional products. Please feel free to contact me for more info.


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