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Make Your Own Baby Food Purees – Bellina Magazine

Making Baby Food PureesI am honored that one of my articles has been featured in the premier issue of Bellina magazine, a local Austin publication. You can view the magazine online: Bellina. My article, “Making Your Own Baby Food Purees” is on pages 16-19.

You can find many healthy, organic commercial options for baby food, but they are NOT cheap. Making your own baby food purees can be better for:

  • Your budget – you’ll typically spend $1 or more on each serving of baby food
  • Quality control – knowing exactly what your baby is eating, and that it’s nutritious
  • The environment – creating less waste and trash from individual packaging

You don’t need to buy any special baby-specific equipment, simply use a blender or food processor. Although the process may initially take some trial and error, you will find your rhythm and foods your baby enjoys. Then, you can save time by making large batches of purees and freezing for up to three months.

Please check out the magazine article to read more about:

  • Cooking and preparing baby purees
  • Food storage and safety
  • Ideas for food pairings
  • Recipes
  • Advantages to making your own purees